Analyzing mobility data of citizens in the metropolitan area of Barcelona

Barcelona photo of : Maciek Lulko/ CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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MobilitApp Information

MobilitApp records synchronously and while running in the background, periodic location updates from its users. The information obtained is processed to analyze the mode of transportation used by the user. At the moment we are able to recognise these transport modes: bus, car, metro, train, bicycle and on foot.

Users can visualize on a map their locations' history day by day. The user's information is treated completely anonymously.

Privacy Information

Please, read this information about our treatment of the user' privacy. Your gathered data is totally anonymous, we do not track you, we use info anonymously.
  • Privacy policy in MobilitApp

  • Real-Time Traffic State and Incidences

    MobilitApp integrates real-time traffic state information provided by the Barcelona City Hall and the traffic incidence information provided by the Spanish Traffic Authority: Dirección General de Tráfico.

    Transportation analytics for ATM, the transport authority of the metropolitan area of Barcelona

    We provide tools to filter and analize citizens mobility patterns.
    In collaboration with the Metropolitan Transport Authority of Barcelona.

    Notify accident

    Mobilitapp can detect an accident and send an emergency SMS (including your GPS position and medical information) to a contact (e.g. 112)

    Step Counter

    Mobilitapp can count the number of steps you do and calculate the distance traveled and calories burned.


    Some hints to use the MobilitApp.